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The Big Ideas Workshop is a highly-interactive, non-traditional development experience and thought leadership opportunity. The marketing cohorts aim to create the next era of marketing with intention. We would love for you to join us.

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Big Ideas Start With The Ability To Believe

We live in a time where we each have the power to effect change, but many of us have lost our belief in that power. At EOP Media, we are a team of dreamers and change makers;  that’s why our focus is on Advancing Big Ideas.
It’s more than a phrase for us. We are actively driving change in four areas and seeking a small group of fellow believers to join us. The Big Ideas Workshop is an opportunity for skilled professionals to help us define the future economy with intention. The four cohorts are based on the following beliefs:

We Believe Marketing

Is the engine that drives the economy. The economy is changing, and it is our responsibility as marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners to Evolve Marketing for the Next Economy. We will do it intentionally, not as a reactionary response to a predictable economic shift.

We Believe The Startup Ecosystem

Is the engine of innovation for each future economy, and it should be more efficient, equitable, and aligned to the needs and values of all ecosystem participants. As ecosystem members, we have the right to Revolutionize the Startup Ecosystem and remake it into a system that works for all.

We Believe Data & Identity

Have become a shared responsibility because of shifts in the control of technology. The benefits and costs of each shift are shared across an ecosystem of individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses, governments, and communities. If we as individuals must bear the cost of the data economy, we also have the right and the responsibility to advance efforts engaged in Creating Individual Agency Over Identity and Data.

We Believe Marketing Professionals

Will be instrumental in the evolution of the future economy. As leaders and experts, we should adhere to a system of governance that establishes standards and ethics for the profession. Therefore, we aim to Transform the Marketing Profession and prepare it for the rigors of the new economy.

Development Objectives

It is impossible to change an industry without changing ourselves. Cohort activities are designed to focus on specific skills and through a process of interaction and facilitation, each participant will have the opportunity to build the skills proven to advance innovation.

Benefits of the Big Ideas Experience

Building The Future With Intention

Each workshop cohort is established to address the needs of the future economy. Cohort members will help drive the future by intentionally creating the future we desire. 

Proven Innovation Experience

Each Big Ideas Cohort is facilitated by one of the best innovators and implementers in the industry. 

Angelia McFarland

Serial Entrepreneur and Innovator

Angelia McFarland is a serial innovator who has created and led innovation and reinvention in Fortune 50 corporations, startups, nonprofit organizations, and entrepreneurial ventures. A master at implementation, Angelia has been recognized for architecting plans that overachieve short-term objectives and continue to deliver lasting value.

Angelia currently serves as Founder and CEO of EOP Media, an idea studio that helps individuals and growing businesses harness the benefits of innovation. She is also the Founder and CEO of a stealth startup developing solutions for the future data economy, co-founder of Pearl’s Girls Publishing, and board member and development committee chairperson for Austin Partners in Education. A long-time proponent of the future of work, Angelia is engaged in connected activities that extend beyond roles and titles to create real value personally and in the communities she serves. She is recognized as a marketing, entrepreneurship, data, and web3 thought leader. And is the co-host of a seasonal podcast exploring the future of marketing and technology called The Tech Aunties.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each Big Ideas Cohort is limited to a maximum of 40 participants to enable significant participation opportunities. Additionally, because each cohort member will receive a fractional share of the output of the cohort, the size of the cohort has been determined to enable a reasonable benefit for each participant. 

Each Cohort will begin with a virtual session on the listed date. In the session, members of the cohort will meet and the facilitator will go over the objectives of the cohort — including the specific Big Idea assigned to the cohort — and answer any questions. The cohort members will then meet face-to-face for a 3-day intensive workshop. During the workshop, each participant will have the opportunity to practice proven innovation and implementation skills. Participants will also identify the assets that will be delivered at the end of the workshop. 

After the intensive, the cohort will meet weekly for up to twelve weeks to complete the assets and finalize the ownership and revenue rights. 

IP stands for Intellectual Property and can be in the form of a patent, copyright or trademark. 

The members of the cohort will determine the type of IP and the rights. 

Your ability to market the output individually will depend on the type of IP and the revenue-sharing model adopted by the cohort. 

NDA stands for Non-disclosure Agreement, and it is a legal document designed to protect each member of the cohort during the workshop. Prior to the end of each workshop, each participant will have the opportunity to sign a new agreement that outlines rights and revenue-sharing agreements. Participants who sign will be released from the pre-workshop NDA and will abide by the terms of the new agreement. Participants who choose not to sign the new agreement will continue to be bound by the pre-workshop NDA. 

The NDA is required to protect the ideas and inputs of each participant during the workshop. Prior to the end of each workshop, each participant will have the opportunity to sign a new agreement that outlines rights and revenue-sharing agreements. Participants who sign will be released from the pre-workshop NDA and will abide by the terms of the new agreement. Participants who choose not to sign the new agreement will continue to be bound by the pre-workshop NDA. 

If your company pays for the workshop, they will need to agree to sign the rights to all outputs over to you or your rights will be shared between you and your company.  

A Leadership Opportunity For Professionals Who Don't Mind Being First

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