big idea

[big ahy-dee-uh, big ahy-deeuh]


  1. New, unique insight, design, concept, or interpretation
  2. Concept that exceeds the perceived capabilities or resources
  3. Value not previously understood, making explanation difficult

Marketing Definition

A big idea is an insight or design so progressive that it stretches the capability of the team to realize the idea within the current business environment and with the current constraints

Use it in a Sentence

Our company has a Big Idea to introduce a web3 solution.

Big Ideas, we all have them. But, ideas have minimal value if they aren’t advanced through a process of creative exploration. In business environments, the exploration of big ideas is usually constrained by governance systems put in place to promote productivity. However, these systems can have the unintended effect of impeding the creative process. These systems can reduce big ideas to redundant cycles of incremental evaluation.

If Big Ideas lack the room to grow, the benefits to clients, organizations, and society will materialize, but at a much slower pace. At EOP Media, we have developed the systems and hired talented staff to help you establish your Big Ideas and put them on a continuous journey of value creation.

Creating The Future Economy, One Big Idea At A Time

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