[big ahy-dee-uh, big ahy-deeuh]


  1. New, unique insight, design, concept, or interpretation
  2. Concept that exceeds the perceived capabilities or resources
  3. Value not previously understood, making explanation difficult

Marketing Definition

A big idea is an insight or design so progressive that it stretches the capability of the team to realize the idea within the current business environment and with the current constraints

Use it in a Sentence

Our company has a Big Idea to introduce a web3 solution.

We all have them. But, ideas have minimal value if they aren’t advanced through a process of creative exploration. In business and startup environments, the exploration of Big Ideas is usually constrained by systems designed to promote productivity. However, these systems can have the unintended effect of impeding the creative process.

If Big Ideas lack the room to grow, the benefits to clients, organizations, and society will materialize, but at a much slower pace. At EOP Media, we have the skills and experience to help you establish your Big Ideas and put them on a continuous journey of value creation.

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At The Intersection Of Marketing & Technology

From the earliest recorded examples of society, individuals and organizations have used technology to develop and communicate the ideas of the day. Whether it was health, fashion, entertainment, or government, new technologies led to new products and new methods of communication and media.  

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Every journey begins with exploration. The Full-stack Marketing Consultation is a one-hour discussion that helps you explore your options. You will exit the conversation with a customized option map that will outline your next steps.


Big Ideas begin as sparks of inspiration but sparks need fuel to burn. If you have a Big Idea but need help getting it out into the world, the Idea Ignition Workshop will provide you with the tools you need to get financial support or partnership.


Big Ideas can come all at once, but because of their complexity, they often require collaborative thought and intentional development. The Big Ideas Experience is a highly interactive, nontraditional cohort of experts and thought leaders who assemble to build the skills and frameworks for the Big Ideas that will drive the next economy.


Big Ideas lead to new ideas, and new ideas need a different type of support. The Idea Acceleration Workshop is for individuals or teams that have a product, program, or service concept but require help aligning the offer with the latest technology.


Enabling big Ideas sometimes requires deconstructing old ideas and processes. This transition often requires deep interaction across departments to develop the right culture within which to introduce the Big Idea. Fractional CXO services provide the on-site skills required to implement innovation.

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