Product Team Alignment Workshop

The success of any business depends on the strength of the product function. Whether your product is delivered by one person or a global team, identifying and aligning the activities that lead to a successful product lifecycle is one of the most critical decisions a company can make. With proper planning, the relationship across the product team can lead to effective product plans and deeper knowledge of your customers.

Today, planning for the product team is often based on outdated norms or reactive actions. But the product function is critical for any business, and it should not be left to organic or reactive planning.

Product management and marketing professionals designed the Product Team Alignment workshop to provide a highly-interactive, non-traditional experience for participants. No two workshops are exactly alike. But each workshop will provide you with tools to develop and maintain a product team strategy that is unique to your organization.  

The Product Team Alignment Workshop is designed for entrepreneurs, startup founders, product teams (product managers & product marketers), and human relations professionals, who are responsible for building marketing team strategies.

The Product Team Alignment Workshop is part of the Product Excellence series and is often scheduled to align with the Product Value Cycle Workshop. The courses can be taken together or one at a time.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the history of your current product team design and develop the taxonomy alignment for your new design.
  • Learn a modern framework for identifying and aligning the people and skills required for an effective and competitive product team.
  • Learn how to adapt the framework as your client’s needs and methods of interaction dictate


The Product Team Alignment Workshop is a private workshop scheduled for one or more clients. Each workshop requires participation from the full product team. 

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