Are You Building dApps And Need Broader Adoption?

We are looking for guests to join us on a new podcast designed for Web3 Founders.

Accelerating Web3 Adoption

Creating Individual Agency Over Identity and Data is one of the Big Ideas identified by EOP Media. This idea is part of a lofty vision with many complementary solutions. However, these solutions will most likely fail without the broad adoption of Web3 technologies by individuals and businesses.

Industry-leading blockchains are investing to build the hardware and software solutions ecosystem, which is important for extending the technology. But, it’s time for these strategies to shift and build the capacity of non-technical users. Users don’t care about technology, they care about value exchange. They want to know, “How will my life improve if I invest time and money into Web3?”.

This podcast and the eventual Web3 platform that will host it is one strategy to drive broader adoption of Web3 through value-based knowledge sharing and capacity building.



About the Podcast

Web3 Founders & Builders

Are you a founder or product manager of a Web3 offer? If so, we want to interview you. All interviews will require a clear consumer or small business use case. If you have a customer who can demonstrate the value of your solution, we would love to have them join us.

Not Just About Web3; Web3 Enabled

The audience for this podcast is still primarily in W2, so each episode will have a W2 teaser. If the listener wants to complete the episode, they will need to connect their wallet for access to the token-gated, full version of the episode. This format will do more than tell people about Web3; it will show them.

Validated Ownership and Compensation with Every Episode

With the completion and approval of each episode, a smart contract will be minted to the blockchain. The contract will detail the cost of access and the revenue split between the host and guests. Tokens earned will be distributed directly to the individual wallets.

About the Host

Angelia McFarland has been at the forefront of technology transitions for most of her career. She has led the adoption of new technologies for technology giants IBM, Dell Technologies, and Emerson/Vertiv. Also a pioneer in startup ventures, Angelia has applied her transition strategies to the nonprofit, professional services, and retail sectors.

Never afraid of change or challenge, Angelia’s latest ventures focus on transitioning society into a data economy. As the host of this new podcast, she is on a mission to discuss and demonstrate relevant value for dApps, wallets, and blockchains. More about Angelia here.


While on each podcast, we will discuss chains, wallets, dApps, and more, this podcast isn’t about the technology. It’s about the value people receive from the technology. 

As a founder presenting new technology, adoption is critical. This podcast is hosted by an expert, recognized for her ability to translate technical details into real value. Founders get the benefit or the host’s skills and the opportunity to demonstrate their product. 

Additionally, as a web3 implementation, the goal of this project is to begin to change behavior and provide a return for your time in the form of crypto currency.*

* Returns are not guaranteed. 

Plan a maximum of two hours total. Each episode should be no more than an hour of recording time. However, we ask each guest to meet with us beforehand to ensure we fully understand their goals for the recording. 

Our goal is to launch each episode a maximum of four weeks after recording. If you require a different schedule, please discuss it with our production team during your prep call. 

We are exploring several names at this point and will announce the final name in the coming days.

Thank You for Your Interest

Someone from our team will respond within three business days.

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