On the heels of her recent book launch, Dr. Carla Michelle visited the studio to discuss her journey from corporate to the owner. As a Multipreneur, Dr. Carla has the ability to lead and grow multiple business interests. In this episode, she shares many secrets of success, in particular, she discusses how she developed a mindset of expansion. Dr. Carla’s expansion mindset enabled her recent business expansion and the introduction of her latest publication, The Free Woman: How To Live Free Everyday. Available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Free-Woman-How-Live-Every/dp/B0CHLKMWPZ


Dr. Carla Michelle is a business psychologist with a psychotherapy background, motivational speaker, executive & life coach, author, and podcast host. She is the founder of Dr. Carla Inc., CM Coaching & Consulting, based in Los Angeles, California, where she is known for her S.T.R.O.N.G. methodology that has helped leaders, teams, individuals, and other coaches around the world through live, hybrid and virtual keynotes and coaching sessions.

Dr. Carla Michelle draws on her own personal development success and cultivates, strengthens, and propels people toward what they truly desire from life. Dr. Carla advises high-performing men and women on how to lead in business and in life with an understanding of the importance of Strategy, Talent, Resilience, Optimism, and the belief in their life being a requirement and Necessary – to the world (well… at least as a leader, employee or individual contributor).

Dr. Carla understands everyone’s needs are different; therefore, her approach to each client is customized, and the method she delivers is specifically fashioned to meet your specific needs.

Dr. Carla has a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and a PhD in Business Psychology – Consulting

She has the privilege of mothering four grown children and is an avid learner who enjoys a real book over a digital one. She loves to laugh and smile a lot and can get lost in social media. If you’re having a pool day or taking a drive to the beach, I would more than likely tag along.

You can reach Dr. Carla on

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drcarlamichelle/

Instagram & Threads: @mscarlamichelle

Or at https://www.drcarlainc.com/

You can listen to The Strong Network Podcast here: https://www.drcarlainc.com/thestrongnetworkpodcast

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