The Freedom of Responsibility

Responsibility isn’t a burden. Actually, it’s freedom. Join us as we explore the freedoms that emerge when you take responsibility for your dreams and give yourself permission to succeed.

Sharon Seaberg Nabhan is founder of Sharon Seaberg Coaching: Igniting Joy and Purpose in Women’s Lives Through Empowerment Coaching and Neuroscience-Based Strategies. Sharon helps her clients become influential and deeply fulfilled leaders in 10 weeks without sacrificing relationships.

She specializes in helping clients: 

  • Lead from a place of influence
  • Make imposter syndrome is a thing of the past
  • Uncover your unconscious commitments that are keeping you stuck
  • Have better job security because you excel at what you are doing
  • Authentically lead others from a place of confidence and clarity
  • Uncover your unique gifts and talents, so that your career becomes fun and easy
  • Be a high achiever, without high stress
  • Have sustainable energy and be seen as an invaluable leader
  • Absolve the pressure of being perfect and become a creative problem solver

By the end of the program, you will become the leader you were meant to be and have a complete life design and strategies to implement it

Helping accomplished women become influential and deeply fulfilled leaders in 10 weeks without working more and sacrificing their relationships by consciously designing their lives to get what they want.

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