It Starts With The First “P”

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There are many perspectives on where great marketing starts. Many believe it is the customer but when it comes to technology, often customers are unaware of the possibilities. Great product design starts with the capabilities made possible by scientific and technical discovery, but it can’t stop there. Great product design encapsulates discovery into value that clients desire. 

Join us as we discuss product design and the need for customer insight in the product development process with our guest Alley Lyles-Jenkins.  

Alley Lyles-Jenkins

Alley describes herself as a product nerd focused on widgets that change how people interact, experience technology, and discover information. Her product design philosophy is: “Our job is not to design products; it’s to help the organization win by creating a competitive advantage with Design.” As a Principal at Slalom Consulting, Alley collaborates with talented people to increase product value by leveraging human-centered design and testing market fit.

In true product nerd fashion, Alley enjoys playing with the latest technology and refining prototypes in a sandbox with the belief that all must understand technology.

Her award-winning efforts have created competitive advantage for many forward-thinking organizations and initiatives, including:

  • The City of New York under former Mayor Michael Bloomberg
  • Budweiser at Super Bowl LII
  • Amazon’s Echo Dot launch
  • USAA’s Chief Design Office
  • Dell Technologies
  • Columbia University’s “1,000 Cut Journey” VR project for immersive storytelling
  • And advising FemTech start-ups at FemTech Focus.


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