Creating The Future Of Digital Ownership

The next phase of innovation has started. New technologies are being developed that will transform our current digital ecosystems. These areas require exploration. 

EOP Innovations is a division of EOP Media with a mission to make the value of technology accessible to all by creating an open ecosystem built on AI-enabled access, individual control, and value creation. It’s a Big Idea, and we are committed to making it a reality. We believe there are four focus areas required for success. 

  • Commercialize overlooked technologies
  • Host and integrate promising solutions 
  • Partner for scale
  • Define and enable open standards


EOP Innovations operates as a venture studio, and our initial investments are to commercialize a solution to support individual control of their data and identity.

If you are interested in supporting our efforts, please feel free to schedule a consultation.


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The Genesis of EOP Media

The genesis of EOP Media, LLC can be traced back to the life and legacy of my grandmother, Pearl McCoy Mason, whom I affectionately call Mama Pearl. Her example is why, at EOP Media, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation, creativity, and unconventional approaches. Our history dates back to 1997 when our founder, Angelia McFarland, took the bold step of leaving her corporate job to establish a small boutique agency

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Customer Data: Our Opportunity & Responsibility

Customer Data is a great opportunity for marketing professionals but it’s also a great responsibility. Join us and our guest Meg Ugenti as we explore the many ways we can use customer data while maintaining customer privacy.  Meg Ugenti, Corporate Director of Marketing, Focus USA Meg refers to herself as a

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